Yo, Yo-Yos

May 27, 2013 - 9:49 pm

When I was a kid, I took up a hobby in yo-yoing. There were some guys who came to my local library to teach kids how to yo-yo and that's what really fueled my interest. I still have a yo-yo catalog from 1999 that I got from there. I stopped for a while, however, up until about two or three years ago when I started trying out freehand yo-yoing, and then last year when I tried out offstring. Now I only do it every now and then, but I'd like to practice more to get better at it. Right now I mainly am trying to learn more advanced string tricks, but I'm by no means an expert. The hardest trick I can land right now is probably the matrix or rewind. So since I like posting pictures of my various collections, without further ado: my yo-yo collection!


From left to right, top to bottom:

Duncan Imperial

Duncan ProYo (without the caps)

Spintastics Torch - Lights up while it's sleeping!

Green Yo-Yo "with hi-tech action" - This was my very first yo-yo.

Yomega Brain (x2) - These things were all the rage when I was a kid, everyone had to have one.

Duncan ProFly (with Speed Racer caps)

Duncan Speed Beetle - A great yo-yo for looping.

Duncan Bumble Bee - Similar to the ProFire GT, but in a modified shape instead of butterfly.

Duncan Ballistic - This yo-yo has little steel balls that you can load into the sides of the yo-yo underneath the caps. You can put them towards the edges for longer sleep times or towards the center for better looping.

Duncan Mosquito - This one's a tiny little guy.

YoYoFactory Fast 201

ProYo ProFire GT - A guy I met at a magic show I went to with my dad gave me this when I was a kid. It's been modded with a ball bearing instead of the standard transaxle. It's still one of my favorites.

Duncan Freehand Zero - This is the one I mainly use now. It's great for freehand and regular string tricks.

Duncan Flying Panda - My first offstring yo-yo.

Duncan Hayabusa - Another offstring yo-yo.

Duncan Throw Monkey (x2) - My first freehand yo-yo.