Leggo my Lego

June 3, 2013 - 1:32 pm

Another one of my childhood hobbies, which I'm sure is shared with many others, is Lego. I had quite the collection when I was a youngin', and until last summer, all of my sets were hidden away in the attic.


But as you can see, me and my sister changed that. We got out all of my old Lego bricks and tried to reassemble the sets they originally came from. Surprisingly, most of the sets we were able to complete with all of the original pieces. Nearly all of them still had the manuals and some I even still had the original box for. The pictures above are only a very small portion of the collection. Getting all of them out of the attic made me remember how much I liked them, and it has since reignited my hobby. Here is a picture of the more recent sets I've acquired:


I have also been collecting a few minifigures from the minifigures series: