Best Albums of '09

January 30, 2010 - 10:12 pm

Here are 13 noteworthy albums of the year 2009 that you should check out if you have not already done so. All of the album artworks link to Spotify where you can stream the whole album. Listing them from best to not best would be far too difficult so they are just listed alphabetically.



Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet

January 30, 2010 - 8:19 pm


This past Christmas I received a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet from my girlfriend, the lovely @autumnhaac. This tablet also has a multi-touch trackpad that works much like those on the macbooks. You can do two finger scrolling, pinching to zoom, tapping with two fingers to right click, etc. There are also four buttons on the left side of the tablet and two on the pen that you can assign to do whatever you want. There's an LED light on the tablet that glows white, and brightens when you touch it with your fingers. When you hover with the pen to navigate it turns orange, and a brighter orange when you depress the pen. The pen features 1024 levels of pressure as well as an eraser on the other end. You can set the pressure to control different things such as opacity or brush size, making the brush get darker or bigger the harder you press down. In Windows 7 there's a feature for tablets and tablet PCs called "Flicks." With this, a quick flick of the pen in any direction can execute an action you have assigned. For example, I have a flick diagonally left and down set to "undo," a flick to the left set to "back," as well as 6 others for all the other directions. This is my first tablet and I'm enjoying it quite a bit; I've been wanting one for quite a while. Anyways! Here are a couple designs I've drawn using this tablet. Many thanks to @autumnhaac :]<3